The Cole Haan Change Forward™ initiative represents our goals and our efforts to better ourselves—and the world around us.

In the nearly 100 years we’ve been here, much has changed. Now, it’s time for us to change too. We are advancing our Grand.36Ø Design & Engineering System—and focusing on finding innovative ways to make our products more sustainable, without compromising our reputation for performance, function, and craft.

It’s a process, but all great change starts with a few first steps to move forward.

Our mission to deliver
Sustainable Innovation in our products.

The mechanics of the human body is the central focus of our Grand.36Ø Design & Engineering System and we are always looking for new ways our products can complement natural human performance. We call this “Natural Design.”

Now, our goal is to give “Natural Design” an enhanced meaning by actively seeking environmentally conscious naturally derived or recycled materials for many of our product components. And, for leather components, we are prioritizing responsible leather sourcing.

Every day at Cole Haan is a work in progress. We’re learning—and unlearning—with each step we take. We’re integrating this thinking into our everyday work. We’re actively seeking partners and suppliers who share our mission. And, we’re making breakthroughs as well as correcting any missteps along the way.

The steps we’re taking to Change Forward.™

When you see the word SUSTAINABLE next to Cole Haan products, you’ll know there’s a minimum of 25% naturally derived or recycled content by weight in that product.





When we set out to design our first SUSTAINABLE shoe, we started from the ground up, innovating a revolutionary sole with dandelions. Yes, dandelions.

Our patent pending FlowerFoam™ sole is made with a minimum of 25% natural dandelion rubber. Here’s to a little Flower Power.

There’s more than it’s flower power. Its upper design includes vegan microfiber suede made with 21% recycled content, reconstituted felt fabric made with 85% recycled plastic bottles (rPET), and laces made with 100% rPET.



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